Ever full of wild mystique with a passion for risk-taking adventure, Charlene strives to pull the impossible into possibility through her art.  She will go to great lengths to bring her own vision as well as the vision of other artists to life.  Classically trained as an oboist and having toured several continents under that role, she has most recently been learning, exploring, and performing in her own unique flavor of music through an array of exotic instruments which she taught herself, as well as dancing in the genres of bellydance, modern dance, and aerial arts, having studied and continuing to study at a host of vibrant studios.  She's also been working as a freelance model for the past 9 years or so, which has been immensely collaborative, and during which time she has acted as a muse for myriad photographers and videographers, fueling their creativity in new and exciting ways.  Charlene is in love with all of these roles and is passionate about performing and doing sessions both publicly and privately.  And if you have a means of hiring her for a role that is outside this description, even better, as she is most interested in the unconventional, sensual, and daring work that brings her into a new embodiment of herself altogether.  To book Charlene for a show, tour, project, photo/video shoot, or muse session, or for general inquiries or other comments, you can send her a love letter through the 'Contact' page.  ;)