Spring Greetings from the Northern Hemisphere!

Hi everyone!  I hope your life has been depthful and inspired wherever you are on the planet right now.  I've been receiving a lot of inquiries about how I achieve so much radiance in my physical body, so I thought I would devote a blog post to that topic. 

I truly believe our body is a temple that houses something infinite, and the more we can care for our physical self, the more infinity can work its magic through and all around us.  Now that Spring has begun here in the Northern Hemisphere, I've been focusing quite a bit on detoxing this glorious vessel I'm inhabiting.  Below I will discuss my personal approach & recommendations to detoxing and purifying the body from the inside out.

1. Listen To Your Body! – In other words, no matter what I or anyone else recommends, tune into your own innate wisdom first and foremost.  Everyone's needs are slightly different, and your intuition will never lead you astray. 

2. Love & Sexual Energy – The most essential beautifier of all time, beyond time!  If you can feel a sense of love for all of yourself and all that is, even amongst the confusion & chaos of your life, and allow the current of your life force, orgasmic energy, to course through you, you will glow from miles away... 

3. Drink Lots Of Water – Our body is mostly water, so the more we add to that source, the more our body is able to transform from a stagnant pond into a rushing river. 

4. Cry & Let Out Your Emotions – In the past month, I've spent an immense amount of time feeling some very deep emotions, which hit me like the ultimate surprise party every time.  I cried for entire days, screamed in the forest in the middle of the night.  Yet immediately afterwards, every single time, I felt lighter and my lower abdomen literally became smaller, as though an emotion that had been stored there for a long, long time had just been released and my body could finally breathe more freely. 

5. Spend Time In Nature – Taking an hour to be alone with the forest or ocean brings me to an almost ringing state of harmony, like a musical instrument that is being tuned by the elements.  I get all of my best ideas there and feel vibrant with moisture every time I emerge. 

6. Sunbathe {Naked} Whenever Possible – The Sun is a great source of nourishment, information, and vitality.  It uplifts me in a way that even carries over to my dream states, making them even more beautiful and vivid than usual.  When I am able to lay out in the Sun without a bikini, I can feel all my female organs opening fully with pleasure to receive all that the sunlight is pouring into them. 

7. Turmeric Lemonade – An easy to make juice that will clear out the dust of winter, antioxidize your body, and uplift your spirits.  Add the following ingredients to a blender and enjoy: 

- 4 cups of cold water

- 2 tbsp of powdered turmeric

- 4 tbsp of raw honey

- 1 lemon

- pinch of black pepper

8. All Natural Face & Hair Serums – My favorites are Annmarie Skincare (annmariegianni.com), Karen Croney's Hair Intelligence (hairintelligence.info), and Hemp360 (hemp360.myshopify.com).  The products from these sources smell amazing and make me feel that I am absorbing nature straight into my body.  They have an effect on my skin and hair that is rejuvenating and repairing on all levels, inside and out.

9. Both Hardcore and Softer Workouts – For my own psyche, I have a strong need to do super intense workouts involving pushing myself to the extremes of strength and endurance.  This charges up my willpower and allows me to sweat a lot out of my system.  But additionally, I do a lot of slower restorative yoga and other flexibility-oriented dance classes to slow down and open up my body, which tends to also open my mind and heart quite a lot. 

10. Spa, Sauna, Hot Tub, Massage – The more toxins you can sweat out and/or have massaged out, the more clear you will feel and appear.   My favorites places to spend an evening doing this are King Spa in Dallas (kingspa.com) and Russian & Turkish Baths in NYC (russianturkishbaths.com).

That's all for now!  I hope this post has been helpful to you in some way and that you enjoy this gorgeous season of your life no matter what.  Sending my love; feel free to contact me if you have questions.  And thank you to everyone who has recently hired me for gigs & photo/video shoots!  My cup is truly overflowing.  ♡




This is a photo I took a few days ago of the bluebonnets and other gorgeous wildflowers that are beginning to bloom in and around Austin, TX, where I'm currently located.